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Weihrauch Pre-charged Air Rifles

Weihrauch Pre-charged Air Rifles

Weihrauch were relatively late in coming to the pre-charged market however apart from the initial mistake whereby the guns could only be filled by removing the air reservoir (very expensive to convert these early models incidentally) Weihrauch has produced an excellent range of pre-charged guns essentially designated as the HW 100. All Weihrauch 100’s now feature the quick fill system, side lever cocking and unique single pellet loading system. The latter translates into a feature whereby the shooter cannot load more than one pellet at a time into the barrel. This obviates the potential threat of jamming the barrel with two or more pellets.
 Our only concern with these guns is that the official U.K. Importers, Messrs Hull Cartridge, steadfastly refuse to extend the twelve month guarantee.

All pre-charged guns can suffer a change in power after the gun has been run in and Woody’s urge anyone purchasing a Weihrauch 100 to return it to the shop after say 11 months for a power check. This action may avoid incurring a £100 plus bill if the gun is found to give a different power reading after the guarantee period has elapsed.

Hawk Panorama EV

Hawk Panorama EV sights

We are very impressed with these new Hawk “Panorama EV” sights which are a little bit shorter than standard sights. We stock them in 3-9 x 40, 3-9 x 50,4-12 x 40 and 4-12 x 50. They are available in either the MAP 6A or 1/2 inch Mil Dot reticules. The prices range from:

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inc 12 months guarantee