The Daystate Wolverine

The Wolverine Air Rifle

“The new Daystate .30 caliber “Wolverine” arrives at Woody’s – unfortunately the “Twig” came too!”

After six years in development, this monster of an air rifle has arrived! The 50 grain .30 (7.62mm) “Emperor” pellet has been specially designed to give optimum performance from a rifle producing in excess of 100 ft lb kinetic energy. This beast can accurately hit vermin at up to 100 yards!

Due to the rifles large caliber the magazines capacity is limited to five.
Many of its special developments remain at this point ‘under wraps’. We can reveal however that the action has been made of a Titanium Alloy, found to withstand high pressure whilst keeping the weight to a minimum. 

Cost of gun is:

Phone for price

  • A sound moderator is recommended and this can be purchased at £119-00.
  • A firearms certificate is required to purchase the “Wolverine”

inc 12 months guarantee