Kral “Puncher”

Kral “Puncher”

The new Kral “Puncher” PCP offers a lot of features that one would not expect to have on a rifle at this price. Available in either .177 or .22 this sidelever operated, magazine fed air rifle (14 rounds .177 & 12 rounds .22) has a power adjustment device which will allow the shooter to select the amount of power required pro-rata to the shooting being conducted.

A maximum of 11ft lbs plus may be required for vermin control, whereas 6ft lb would suit 10 metre target shooting.

The stock is made of a Turkish Walnut and the barrel is threaded to accept a standard ½ “ UNF sound moderator. A side mounted safety catch is incorporated and each rifle is supplied with both front and back sights plus a spare magazine.

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