Last updated 27/11/18

The True Facts – Woody’s response to a “piece published in the Daily Star 16th November 2018

None of us should be surprised these days that the press cannot be trusted to ever print the true facts relating to any event.  The “undercover” journalist who purchased a crossbow from Woody’s on the 15th November 2018 was asked to provide proof of his identity and age.  This he did in the form of a driving licence.  He was advised by our sales staff that care must be exercised to ensure that the crossbow is used safely and that he should consider purchasing a purpose made crossbow target that would safely retain the crossbow bolt (arrow).  The journalist’s reply was that he was shooting it on a farm.  He was advised by our staff that it is illegal to use the bow for hunting and that it should only be used for target shooting in the U.K.

Woody’s have sold crossbows for in excess of forty years, we take the process seriously and always do our best to act in a responsible fashion  – unlike the “journalist” who lied to us when making the purchase and whose article was written in the desire for sensationalism as opposed to reporting the true facts.

Throughout their history Barnett’s have sold in excess of one million crossbows.  They are considered by many to be the most innovative of crossbow makers from the first self-cocking crossbow in the 1980s to the present range that includes such features as “AVI” limbs, “Carbon Riser” technology, “Reverse Cam” systems and “Anti-Dry Fire” triggers.  Woody’s have sold Barnett crossbows for over forty years and today hold the largest assortment of Barnett crossbows in the U.K.  When you buy a crossbow it makes good sense to choose one with the features and specifications  that suit your particular needs.  Our website shows that we are not in the business of listing items that we might be able to order for our customers.  All crossbows on our web site are in stock and available for immediate collection.  We know this is an unusual way of doing business in this day an age but that is the way we trade.  Why not visit Woody’s where you can see and buy from the U.K.s largest range of Barnett Crossbows?