Travel Rods

With airlines currently charging for any additional piece of luggage many anglers are seeking travel rods that will pack down small enough to fit into a suitcase. These can either be of a telescopic construction or multi-section. Telescopic rods are the lower cost option, however with most, it is difficult to replace any ring that may become damaged. With multi-section rods this is not a problem as the rings are whipped on in the traditional fashion and can be relatively easily replaced. They are stronger than the telescopic variety and tend to have much better actions for both casting and playing a fish as the tapers of each section are carefully determined to give optimum performance.

Woody’s have responded to our customers needs and now have a large selection of different rods suitable for all types of fishing both at home and abroad. Listed below is a selection of some of the better quality travel rods we can offer.


Shimano Exage

  • 1.8 metre
  • 2.1 metre
  • 2.4 metre


Spinning and General Purpose

  • Vengeance
  • Exage
  • Beastmaster

Carp Rods

Freshwater Float

Saltwater Boat

Saltwater Beach

Fly Rods

Woody's Travel Rod Quiver

Illustrated here is a useful accessory Woody’s have had made for holding a telescopic rod, reel plus accessories. This allows the outfit to be kept assembled, the rod merely being extended prior to fishing. Ideal for “instant” fishing.

Fishing Logo - Shimano Beastmaster

Fishing Logo - Shimano Exage

Fishing Logo - Shakespeare