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Hunting Knife Collection

We at Woody’s have been responsibly selling knives both to individuals and the film industry for over forty years. Everyone needs a knife of some sort be it for eating and preparing food, cutting string, opening parcels or difficult packaging, the list goes on and on. Whether for use in work or when hunting, filleting fish, bush craft, or survival training the right pattern of hunting knife can fill these basic needs.

Just as with all good tools a knife has to be handled to appreciate the balance, grip comfort and functional qualities. We at Woody’s appreciate how important this is and our extensive in store knives for hunters range allows the discerning purchaser to make the right choice. Many of our knives are sold to collectors who will often travel many miles to make a decision to buy from such a huge choice. Our hunting knife selection features knives from many of the world’s best knife makers. Boker, Buck, Helle, Cold Steel, Gerber, Muela, Opinel, Rui, Puma, Spyderco, Swiss Army, William Rogers to name but a few.

Whatever your hunting knife requirement might be potential customers will always find a visit to Woody’s worthwhile where they can browse and purchase from our extensive selection.

When you make a purchase from Woody’s the item/s will be wrapped, sealed and then a sticker applied to the package upon which the date and time of the sale is written. Should the need arise, our customers can then prove the exact date and time when they purchased the item.
If you are under 25 years of age, you will be asked to sign to the effect that you will not give or sell the knife on to a person under the age of 18.

A quick word about steel

The word’s “stainless steel” are misleading because it is a fact that all steel will stain or show discolouration if left in adverse conditions for a sufficient time. Steel is made “stainless” by adding Chromium and thereby reducing the Carbon content during the smelting process. There is a significant performance trade off with stainless steel. As the Chromium increases and the Carbon content decreases, the steel does become more “stainless” however unfortunately the steel now becomes much more difficult to sharpen plus the important edge holding potential is seriously impaired.

Many of the top quality hunting knife makers use special steels chosen to give the right blend of “stainless” plus edge holding properties. Exactly what they use can be a closely guarded secret that they will not divulge. The 420 and 440 series of stainless steels are a popular choice for the more reasonably priced knives however AUS 8A is often used by many of the better quality makers.

We keep a range of “Damascus” steel knives which we find are very popular with collectors. This very old system of steel making involves the process of folding and forging the steel to create a multilayered blade. The result produces a knife with good edge retention properties with the added benefit that the pattern is extremely pleasing to the eye. Buyers should be aware that some knives, whilst appearing to be made by the Damascus process are in fact not, as a pattern can be etched on by the use of acid.

Purdey’s of London Limited Edition Hunting Knives

We have been asked by one of our knife collectors if we could offer for sale from his collection, two very special damascus limited edition knives. The first is a “Woodside Bushcraft” knife which has a full damascus steel blade, and mammoth tusk handle scales. A firestarter is included with the superb leather sheath but this has never been struck. Purdeys of London retail this knife on their website for £1695.00. The second knife is a special damascus steel knife with a gut hook incorporated in the blade. It too has a superb leather sheath and has not been used whatsoever. Purdeys of London retail this knife on their website for £1495.00. On behalf of our customer Woody’s are inviting sensible offers for each of these knives.

This could be your chance to own something really special for your collection. If you are interested please give us a ring and make a sensible offer in the region of £600 per knife.

Purdey Knife

Purdey Knife

Second Hand Knives Listed

SURPLUS KNIVES? Woody’s will consider taking in part exchange or purchasing outright BEST QUALITY Knives from your collection.

A selection of second hand knives listed for sale as at 16.08.19:-
> Ed Caffrey List price £200.00 sale price £90.00
> German Bayonet with stag horn scale & metal sheath sale price £75.00
> WW2 German Fireman’s dress Bayonet sale price £99.00
> German Post War dagger by Ern Solihgen sale price £69.00
> Benchmade “Barrage” list price £179.80 sale price £135.00

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