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ASG Dan Wesson 715 2.5″ Snub Nose (Silver .177)

This pistol from ASG is a shortened version of the ever popular Dan Wesson 716 6″ models and features, a shortened 2.5 inch snub nosed barrel and a Weaver accessory rail on the underside of the barrel for mounting accessories. The pistol has a full metal frame which gives it very good weight for a super realistic shooting experience. The revolving cylinder rotates on each shot and holds a total of 6 metal shells in which the pellets are loaded from the rear for super fast reloading. The grip is made by Hogue and features excellent ergonomics for an enjoyable and comfortable shooting experience. One side of the grip pulls away to reveal the CO2 capsule which you can hardly tell is there from the exterior. The hammer system is double action so you can either cock the hammer each shot for a light trigger pull, or repeatedly pull the trigger for a rapid fire experience.


Spare Cartridges Available: 6 x £12 – 99

inc 12 months guarantee

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