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Barnett Compound Recruit 100

The Barnett “Compound Recruit 100” is the perfect fit for the smaller framed shooter.

Features Include:

– 100lbs Draw Weight (45.45 kg)
– 58.2 ft lbs Kinetic Energy
– 12.5 inch Power Stroke
– 6.4 lbs overall weight (2.90kg)
– Anti Dry Fire Trigger Assembly
– Composite Laminated Limbs
– Composite Flight Track
– Adjustable Butt Pad
– 17 inch limbs tip to tip.
– Premium Red Dot Sight plus String and Cable Lube Wax

Each Bow is Supplied with a Fitted Quiver, Three Arrows and a Rope Cocking Device.

Recommended Retail Price £409-99


inc 12 months guarantee