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Barnett Ghost 385

The Ghost 385 CarbonLite is one of the lightest bows to ever come out of the Barnett factory. At 7.25 lbs. You’ll be able to shoulder and hold better accuracy with little effort. The Carbon Riser Technology (CRT) removes about 43% of the weight out of the front end to move the center of gravity back to the end of the stock, making it much easier to carry. This bow ships with CROSSWIRE string and cable system and shoots 385 fps, providing more than enough power for any occasion. With a 5:1 Safety Factor: Their CRT riser is engineered to surpass all strength requirements that the power of a Barnett crossbow provides. The package will be complete with quiver and three 22″ arrows, premium illuminated reticle scope and rope cocking device.

– Velocity: 385 FPS
– Draw Weight: 185lbs
– Power Stroke: 14″
– Length: 34″
– Width: 21.5″
– Weight: 6.9Lbs

Usual Price: £929-00

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