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Barnett Vicious

The Barnett Vicious is a powerful reverse limb crossbow capable of delivering a bolt velocity of 340 feet per second. The reverse limb technology allows for a smaller bow to be created whilst maintaining the power expected from conventional crossbows.

Features include:

– 340 feet (104 metres per second) per second velocity
– 97.6 ft lbs (44.3 Kg) Kinetic Energy
– Length 31.7 ins (79cm) Width 20.1 ins (50cm)
– Weight 6.4 lbs
– String Dampeners for enhanced accuracy
– Adjustable Butt Pad
– Bristle Brush Retainer
– CNC machined aluminium flight track
– Laminated limbs
– Carbon riser
– Draw weight 150 lbs (68.18 Kg)
– Finger Safety Reminders
– Lightweight Quiver with side mount adapter
– Safety Catch
– 4 x 32 Illuminated Telescopic Sight
– Cable Wax

Each bow is supplied with a rope cocking device, 2 x 20 inch arrows plus string and cable wax.

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