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Crusader Sword

Typically, Crusader swords were things of minimal decoration and maximized effectiveness. Solid construction and rugged reliability were common trends in the weapons from the Crusader Wars, and the Crusader Sword is no different. This broad blade is distinctive only in that it has a double-fuller. Two blood-groves run up the length of the blade from the guard to just past the middle of the blade. The guard is plain and effective. The hilt is contoured to fit comfortably while providing a grooved surface to enhance grip. The pommel is perhaps the most decorated piece on the sword with a hexagonal form with brass dots surrounding a single cross. The Crusader Sword is, perhaps, a more true-to-life sword than most, a blade that likely would have been forged and used in combat, as opposed to a ceremonial weapon used only by a king who never saw battle.


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