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Gamo GF MP-9 Carbine

The Gamo GF MP-9 Carbine is a real replica from the Swiss manufacturer B&T (Brugger + Thomet) MP-9 9mm submachine weapon. The MP-9 is a light weight, small size, folding stock airgun with a realistic tactical design from B&T. This awesome blowback machine pistol is lots of fun and ideal for plinking and target shooting thanks to its dual ammo capability. Shoot either steel BBs or lead pellets with the Gamo MP9 Submachine Gun. The double ended magazine has 8 shots each end and can be flipped around in a few seconds so you can reload within seconds! The frame of the pistol is made from steel for a heavy and solid weight and then encased in polymer for the tactical look and feel, just as the original model would have been. The top, sides and underside have weaver rails for attaching accessories such as lasers, torches, and more! The co2 is within a removable magazine in the grip of the pistol and is quick and easy to replace when empty. The blowback action provides a solid and realistic blowback action and the extended barrel with the fake moderator means the accuracy is spot on.


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