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Gamo Maxxim Elite Swarm

Break-barrels are among the most popular airguns purchased by shooters who are getting serious about air gunning. They’re powerful, accurate and consistent, but very rarely can they fire multiple shots, until now! Thanks to Gamo, who have released the Maxxim; the first 10 shot break-barrel multishot the airgun industry has seen in years!
This revolutionary design uses a 10 shot rotary magazine to load a round into the chamber every time you cock the barrel. The Maxxim Elite Swarm maintains a consistent velocity of 800 fps in .177 and 600 fps in .22 caliber. A 3-9×40 scope is included and mounts onto Gamo’s Recoil Reducing 9-11mm Dovetail Rail, built to reduce recoil stress on your new optics and achieve optimum accuracy.
These aspects, combined with the all-weather synthetic stock and Whisper Maxxim sound reduction system, make this airgun ideal for hunters or back garden target shooters. The Maxxim Elite Swarm has given air gunners some of the best offerings in Gamo’s break-barrel line, combined into a break-barrel multi-shot rifle.

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