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ASG Webley MKVI Service Revolver (Black finish)

The Webley MKVI pistol is one of the best known pistols due to its extensive use in several combat situations, most notably in the First World War. This model features a rifled barrel and fires the standard .177 lead air gun pellets for outstanding accuracy, powered by a 12g Co2 cylinder which fits snug in the grip of the revolver. This webley air pistol has a design which is rugged and reliable and very easy to use, especially when reloading. The barrel and cylinder hinge away from the grip, which in turn lifts the cartridges out of the cylinder allowing them to be easily removed. This entire action has been exactly copied from the original blueprints, to make it as realistic as possible and with almost everything being made from metal, the quality is absolutely superb. Finished in ‘black’. Also available in Battlefield and Exhibition finish.

4.5mm BB version also available

Leather holster available


inc 12 months guarantee