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Webley Valuemax .20 Caliber Outfit

These day’s many of the council’s in our towns appear not to want to accept any responsibility for the controlling of pests and vermin. As a result we receive many requests for a reasonably priced airgun outfit that will enable customers to control rats and squirrels etc. on their own land. This is quite legal, just so long as you have permission to shoot on the land and that the pellet stay’s within the boundary.

Woody’s have put together a reasonably priced suitable outfit comprising of a Webley “Valuemax” air rifle, 4×40 telescopic sight, mounts, padded cover and a tin of 500 pellets for the bargain price of £199-99. We have chosen to supply these outfits in .20 size as this caliber combines velocity with “stopping power”.

The Webley “Valuemax” is a spring operated break barrel rifle that features an automatic safety catch and ABS all weather stock. A sound moderator can be fitted where the reduction of noise is desired. Woody’s supply the gun with the scope fitted and approximately zeroed in although final zeroeing will have to be done when the average shooting distance has been decided upon. Woody’s of course will advise.


inc 12 months guarantee