Savage Gear – 3D Rat

Woody’s Have got Rats!

The Savage Gear 3D Rat is a topwater wakebait style swimbait lure displaying a realistic rat appearance that appeals to big freshwater game fish such as bass, pike, musky and stripers. In nature one thing is for certain: Rats and water don’t mix when hungry predator fish are near. Every spring unlucky rodents are swept into lakes and streams where they become a meal for opportunistic fish. The Savage Gear 3D Rat seeks to imitate these rodents with an accurate appearance and action that delivers heart stopping strikes.

Designed with a special three piece body that utilizes a new type of joint design allowing the bait to swim with a very snaky look. The Savage Gear 3D Rat employs a lip to get the bait pushing the water making it have a similar action to wakebaits, but an entirely new level of realism when it comes to mimicking rats and rodents. Savage Gear used a 3D scan of an actual rat to establish the profile of this bait and then took it further by adding all of the little features that separate it from generic topwater baits and set it in a class all its own. Anglers can opt to remove the bottom hooks and add their own top hook using the special hook connection and holder molded into the bait.

Superb lure for Pike, Bass, Musky and big brutal Catfish!

• 2 action styles,
• Top water wake & Diving swimming
• Belly Landing Balanced
• Noisy clunking sound
• Back hook / Weed less option for big size
• Superior 3D details and realism
• Braid core reinforced tail
• Easy replaceable tail system
• Sparetail supplied with Lure
• Finesse Mesh Joint
• Real whiskers
• Soft legs and ears
• Ultra Sharp Savage Gear Y-Trebles