MTC Telescopic Sights

Woody’s hold in stock virtually all the MTC range of telescopic sights. Apart from the Mamba Lite range (1 inch diameter) all have 30 mm diameter bodies designed to enhance the light gathering properties of the scope. Most are supplied with mounts and many models come complete with sunshades. The latter is a particularly useful feature in combating the glare from a low winter sun.

MTC company policy is to supply a quality sight at a value for money price. You will not see them advertised nor will you see glossy brochures. All the scopes have illuminated reticules so are particularly suitable when used in low light conditions or whilst lamping at night. The “Mamba” range is designed specifically for hunting outfits where low profile adjustment “turrets” are required whereas the “Viper” scopes have target turrets and are often fitted to guns where the requirement is for both target and vermin control. The Viper Connect is a compact short eye relief sight with an amazingly wide field of view. It is not recommended for spring operated guns due to the close proximity a fitted scope will have to the shooter’ s eye.

Where an even better telescopic sight is required shooters should look at either the “Taipan” range which feature a built-in telescopic sunshade or the top of the range “Genesis”, an excellent Korean made sight suitable for both hunting and target.

For those requiring in-depth information please visit MTC’s website.

Last updated 25/11/16