Weihrauch HW110 T Grey Laminate

The HW110 is a premium pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifle and is certainly one of the best air rifles on the market as it continues in the same direction as the HW100 range of air rifles.
This version of the HW110 has a thumbhole grey laminate stock featuring an adjustable butt plate and a front a weaver rail for a bipod. The barrel and air cylinder are made from stainless steel and the gun has a side cocking lever with safety catch and is fitted with a sound moderator as standard.
Supplied with a two stage match trigger, this rifle has a rapid fast-fire action, which is effective and easy to use which certainly lends itself to hunters and those out in the field.
This is a regulated airgun with a shot capacity of 100 in .177 & 140 in .22 Calibre and comes supplied with two 10 shot magazines.

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