Air Rifles

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Air Rifles, Sportsguns and More

Air Rifles are the number 1 choice for a sportsgun. Legal in the UK, air rifles operate by using a compressed gas or air instead of combustion unlike a traditional sportarm and are not only found in competition but are used for practice and leisure too, here in the UK. Woody’s has been stocking and servicing air rifles for decades and as such is the premiere gun shop in London and the South East. Not only do we deal with sales and have a great after sales service but we are also happy to provide repairs and service your sportsgun, so feel free to pop in today to see our wares, or peruse our online catalogue here.

After over 50 years of working in our industry, we’ve developed an expertise when it comes to dealing with sportsguns so we’re more than happy enough to extend that expertise to our customers, as we believe that knowing what you’re purchasing translates to a happy customer with a sportsgun they love.

So whether you’re looking to get into using sportsguns for leisure or something a bit more serious, check out our large range of air rifles today, as we stock all the big names in sportsguns from Air Arms to Weihrauch.


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