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Savage Gear – E-Rider Kayak

Super stable kayak, perfectly suited for fishing! You sit high and stable well above the waterline. The kayak is very easy to maneuver with very little water resistance. The kayak is equipped with a strong, yet light Weight 3 section fold down 260cm double paddle and an engine mount stern for up to 7HK. Front aluminum cross seat bar, perfect for mounting rod holders. Double rear cross seat bar, for add on cushion. The kayak has a strong rope lining on each side, for attaching fixed or drift anchor. Also perfect for 2 persons to carry the kayak. The kayak design is ideal for usage with a kayak wagon.

E-Rider Kayak Details

  • 0,9mm Armored PVC sheet main frame
  • 8cm Armored PVC drop stitch floor
  • Protech Air valves x3
  • Light weight 3 section double paddle 260cm
  • Aluminum stabilizing cross bar seats
  • Slide on stabilizer fin
  • Engine Mount Stern for engine mount
  • One-way water valve in stern
  • Practical Foot pump included
  • Repair Pro Kit included
  • Pack Down strap
  • Recommend PSI pressure: tube 3.6 psi, floor 10 psi
  • 330cm X 110cm X 30cm
  • Net. weight :23,5kg
  • Max load: approx. 190kg
  • Approx. max electric motor power: 4.3 KW/19 kgs
  • Approx. max petrol engine power: 7HK


inc 12 months guarantee


Savage Gear “High Rider” V2 170 Belly Boat


The perfect belly boat designed and developed by anglers for anglers! In the HighRider V2 you will sit well above the waterline, in a very comfortable seat, that can easily be adjusted. The boat is straightforward to manouver and cuts effortlessly through the water. The 4-chamber construction gives the angler extra security. Rigid U-frame with Drop stitch air chamber floor for extra high seating, comfort, and stability! Custom drop stitch seat with extra comfort, updrift and rod holders! 3 Waterproof EVA side boxes, with click lid and practical sliding rail strap system, large waterproof front bucket, with click lid, for safe storage. Drag pads, under frame, so boat can be dragged across ground, on short venue shifts with practical front drag strap, that also locks the seat in place, during transport with backpack straps. Easy detachable crossbar and apron with measuring print, and offset pontoon air valves, giving space for mounts for echo sounders etc.

V2 170 Details

  • Built from 0.9mm armored PVC sheet
  • Armored PVC drop stitch floor and Seat
  • Heat sealed and reinforced seams
  • Protech Airvalves x4 pontoon valves off set, for pad mounting
  • Lightweight Detachable oars
  • 3 Waterproof EVA side bags
  • 1 waterproof EVA front bag
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Back Pack Carry straps
  • Drag strap and drag pads
  • Repair pro Kit
  • Practical foot pump included
  • Recommend PSI pressure: tube 3.6 psi, floor 10 psi
  • Net weight 14kg
  • 170cm total length
  • Max Load 180kg
  • Detachable luggage net, robust easy-access side bags



inc 12 months guarantee