A Change in the Law (February 2011)

As responsible sellers of airguns we feel we should mention the change in the law last February concerning the safe storage of air weapons. We quote from the Home office leaflet:

It is now an offence for a person in possession of an air weapon to fail to take reasonable precautions to prevent a person under the age of 18 from gaining unauthorised access to it. There have been several deaths as a result of children getting hold of air weapons. These tragedies might have been prevented had the air weapons been stored safely.

It is not essential that you install a steel security cabinet for those airguns that are below the 12ftlbs rifle limit or 6 ft lbs for a pistol. Woody’s do stock a range of such cabinets and will of course be pleased to advise on fixing etc.

The Home Office leaflet informs:

In many cases it will be sufficient to store your air weapon in an existing, suitably robust lockable cupboard - keeping the keys separate and secure. Alternatively you could use a lock or locking device by which your air weapon can be attached to the fabric of a building, or to a fixed feature. Or you could use a security cord, lockable chain or similar device attached to a point of anchorage within the building.

Woody’s would like to take this opportunity to remind all customers please store your guns safely and always shoot in a responsible and safe fashion.