J.W. Young Reels

J.W. Young & Sons of Redditch England

Woody’s have purchased the entire remaining stock of J.W.Young reels and are able to offer the “Jubilee” series of fly reels and “Sea Venture” saltwater fly reels at very advantageous prices. J.W. Young first started in Redditch, England in 1884 where he quickly established a solid reputation as a high quality engineer. All good things as they say come to an end and with the retirement of Jim Young the Company has now closed.

Jubilee Series

The Jubilee Series are a beautifully crafted, small range of disc drag salmon reels. They combine the traditional pattern of fly reel (rim control spool first utilized by Hardy’s in 1897) whilst impairing a “modern” look for the 21st century. They are the culmination of decades of engineering and fishing experience and represent the pinnacle of J.W. Young’s design and craftsmanship. These reels are superb quality and being truly “Made in England” are a reel to give a lifetime’s service and then pass on to the next generation.

Sea Venture Saltwater Series

The “Sea Venture” range of bar stock reels are very high quality and have strong smooth progressive drag systems. In our opinion the quality of the “Sea Venture” does put many salt water fly reels to shame and certainly at Woody’s prices nothing approaches the “Sea Venture” in regards to offering value for money. They have the same features as the Jubilee range but have the following improvements.

Last updated 14/05/21