Spearfishing Guns in London

Whilst spearfishing guns are not strictly “our trade” it has become apparent that there are very few shops that do keep stocks of these “on the shelf”. In response to demand Woody’s therefore now stock the most popular “Beuchat” model for customers who want to take one abroad in a suitcase. They are fitted with a safety catch.

Spearfishing Guns



  • No 1 Total length 72 cm – Price £61-99
  • No 2 Total Length 87 cm – Price £67-99


Prices as of 14/05/21


We publish here some tips for spear fishermen for as always we hope to promote safe and ethical hunting.

Regulations and Ethics

Ensure that your licence is valid and that hunting is allowed in the area. Underwater hunting requires respect for the environment. Respect endangered species, and the minimum size and reproductive habits of the species you hunt. Do not hunt more than your family can eat.

Safety Instructions – Warning

Load the speargun only once in the water and with the safety catch on. Never get out of the water with the speargun loaded. Never point the speargun at another person, even when it is unloaded. Never shoot unless you have perfect visibility. In the water, never put down a loaded speargun. Always wear gloves during use.

Maintenance and Care

After each hunting session, rinse the speargun in freshwater. The slings are UV sensitive. Avoid leaving the speargun in direct sunlight if you are not planning to use it. Store the speargun in a dry place, out of reach of children. If you need to change the slings or the spear, ensure they are compatible and in all cases, ensure that the new pieces function properly.