Telescopic Rods

Forty years ago many anglers considered telescopic rods very inferior to conventional “put together” rods. These days the design and materials used have advanced considerably and whilst they have some disadvantages in regards to the “put together” rods nevertheless they are now considered to be good fishing rods. The great advantage is that they can be telescoped down whilst still retaining the reel in position with the line threaded through the rod rings. This allows for a much easier and quicker start when fishing. Many of them fold down small enough to fit into a suit case which is important when travelling abroad.

The problem with many of the telescopic rods available on the market today is that they are often not strong enough for the type of fishing they may be required for. Woody’s hold in stock a large selection suitable for many different styles of fishing and sizes of fish.

Shown below is a small sample of complete outfits from our considerable range. All rods can be purchased separately. Don’t “get caught” buying an outfit that is not fit for purpose take a trip to Woody’s and get it right!

Large range of outfits in stock from £47.99 – £99.99

Last updated 01/09/20