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Tramontina Machete

The Tramontina Machete is probably one of the best value chopping tools that we sell here at Woody’s. From garden work and bush clearance to harvesting Brussels sprouts, shelter building and trekking through thick jungle, the Tramontina Machete is a great sidekick to have!

It’s bolo shape provides a large cutting edge (ideal for choppers), and it also boasts great forward throwing weight whilst not being too front heavy. The blade is made from 440 steel and is 36cm in length with an overall length of 50cm.

As it is a chopping tool do not expect this machete to be razor sharp out of the box. However, you should expect a chopping tool that will make pretty light work over most tasks. After all it is made in Brazil where they know a thing or two about making machetes!

For ease of carrying the machete has also been supplied with PVC leather look sheath with includes a belt loop.


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