A Selection of What We Stock “At a Glance”

Woody’s have been selling fishing tackle in Wembley for over fifty years. During that time we have seen many changes in the tackle industry not least the huge growth in tackle being imported from China. The Chinese manufacturers can produce virtually any item of tackle at a quality and price to suit the importer. Put simply the customer generally gets the quality strength and reliability that they pay for! Woody’s endeavour to ensure that all items stocked are good value and fit for purpose. We will not buy gear that we know is likely to fail, for no angler wants to lose the fish of a lifetime!

Listed on this page is a selection of some of the tackle we have in the shop. Whilst it is impossible to list everything, we hope it will help our customers to understand that we are a serious specialist tackle shop. We are committed to giving our customers a wide choice of tackle combined with knowledgeable and friendly service. We thank all our customers both new and old for supporting their specialist shop by giving us their business, friendship and loyalty.

BAIT – Live maggots (gentles), Dedrobena worms, Lob worms,

BOILIES FOR CARP Etc – Dynamite Baits, Richworth, Mistral, Mainline.

GROUNDBAIT – Dynamite Baits, Sensas.

PARTICLE BAITS – Hemp, Sweetcorn (various flavours), Tiger nuts.

PELLETS – Dynamite baits, Halibut, (various sizes) Richworth, (Floating and Sinking.

FROZEN PIKE BAIT – Eel sections. Herring, Lamprey, Roach, Mackerell (small and large), Smelt, Spratts, Trout.

FROZEN SEA BAIT – Black Lug Worm, Falkland Squid, Mackerell, Peeler Crab, Razor fish, Sand eels.

RODS – large selection for Boat, Beachcaster, Bolognese. Carp, Catfish, Dropshot, Fly rods, (salmon and trout) Float rods, Feeder & Quiver Ledger rods, Poles, Telescopic, Spinning, Travel, Whips,

REELS – Centrepins, Fixed Spool (freshwater & saltwater), Multipliers (casting, boat and Big Game) by ABU, Browning, Okuma, Penn, Shimano, etc.

CARP ACCESSORIES – Large range of accessories by Gardner, Drennan etc.

CHAIRS – Bedchairs, Carp, Stools, etc.

ELECTRIC BITE ALARMS – Large range of various patterns and prices.

FISH FINDERS – Various for use from the bank or boat.

LANDING NETS – Fixed, Folding Flip, Up, (Nylon and Rubberised non snag nets)

LUGGAGE – Net Bags, Quivers, Rod Holdalls, Rucksacks, Seat Boxes, Shoulder bags, Waist packs,

LINE – Braid (Berkeley, Dyna Cable, Fireline, Power-Pro, Rovex, – (Air Strike, Tergo etc,) Monofil – Gardner, Maxima, Shimano, Okuma (1 kg bulk spools 12 1/2kg – 113 kg), Berkeley Nanofil.


LURES – ABU, Fladen, Mepps, Rapala, Savage, Soft baits (for drop shot fishing), Storm, Zebco

PLASTIC BOXES – Large selection of “Plano” both cantilever and smaller boxes for holding spinners, general coarse fishing boxes for terminal tackle etc.

NETS – Cast nets, commercial trawling and set nets to order, drop nets for landing fish when pier fishing, keep nets, landing nets etc.

PIKE TACKLE – Large range of terminal tackle, spinning traces, wire, semi-barbed snap tackles, floats, forceps, gags, etc.

POLAROID SUNGLASSES – Ranges by Shimano Six Sense, Wychwood etc.

ROD RESTS – Bank Sticks, Pods, Tripods,

SEAT BOXES – Shakespeare – Standard and Beta.

SEA TACKLE – Huge range of terminal tackle, weights etc. to suit all styles both for the U. K. and Abroad.

STANLEY VACUUM FLASKS – various sizes of unbreakable food and drink flasks.

SPRING BALANCES – assorted prices and patterns for weighing up to 100kgs.

TROLLEYS AND CARP BARROWS – range of different patterns.

UNHOOKING MATS/CRADLES – Various sizes and prices.

WAISTCOATS – Multi-pocket patterns.

WADERS – Chest and Thigh patterns in stock.

WATERPROOF CLOTHING – large assortment in stock of Jackets and Over-trousers.

WALKING BOOTS FOR FISHING – Jack Pyke “Tundra”, Pro Logic, Skeetex, (Field and Moon) Magnum, Aigle,

WELLINGTONS – large range, various prices.